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About Me

About Me

A small introduction of who I am.

Who am I?

Hi there! I'm Daniel aka. "Blt950". You've probably come here because you're curious about what I do or who I am. I live in the town of Oslo in Norway, which also is the capital. It's located at the east of Norway near the border to Sweden.

To bust some myths you might have. I do not live with ice bears or live in an igloo. We do not dress like Vikings. We - Norwegian people are just like everyone else. We're just 5 million people in one long country spread everywhere, and we really enjoy the personal sphere.

I might be mostly known for hosting serveral gaming communites, where "HeartBit" is probably the most known one. I've released and developed scripts, gamemodes and addons for Garry's Mod.

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What do I do?

I'm currently studying master degree in computer science and interaction design. I've always found computers very interesting, and always got annoyed of badly designed programs and other experiences. It all started with me playing games and finding possiblities to customize the game, and from that point my interest and experience started growing.

I started to experiment with different scripting languages, learning them to create new assets for games and slowly also my own websites, scripts, gamemodes and other.

I'm the creator of the very first quality serious roleplay "Black Mesa Roleplay" based on "Black Mesa: Source" and "Half-Life 1", which was a part of my community: HeartBit Roleplay.


Here's a graph representing my experiences in the different types of programs and languages I know.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Premiere & After Effects
Adobe Audition


Here's a list of my current and previous projects.

HeartBit Group

Providing quality and innovative content, for unique gameplay experiences.


Student association for gamers at the University of Oslo.


A community providing fun gamemodes for Garry's Mod. Mostly known for Protect the President.

Apex Solutions

Apex Solutions is my own business offering web-based business solutions and graphic design.

Sector C: Black Mesa Source

A roleplay map based on Black Mesa: Source. Ment for Black Mesa: Roleplay.


I was a developer of the HL2RP community LemonPunch.

Bånd for Livet

"Ties for Life" in Norwegian. A youth business school project to promote and support organ donation.


TigerBit was a webhost company owned by me, offering high quality webhost for low prices.

RushPing LTD

RushPing was a GSP company, hosting all source games and minecraft servers.

City 17 for Garrys Mod

A roleplay map for Garry's Mod based on the iconic City 17 from Half-Life 2.

HeartBit Roleplay Community

HeartBit Roleplay was a Garry's Mod community mostly known for it's quality Black Mesa Roleplay gamemode.

Contact Me

Would you like to contact me for questions, requests or comments? Go ahead!
I do not accept Steam requests, please send a message on Facepunch by clicking here,
or send a direct e-mail to the address below: